All of my sculptures are made up of fabrics that have had other lives. The fabrics come from people I know, or clothing I find that are reminiscent of periods of time that stir me. The working with fiber started out as a desire to preserve the clothing of my children. I can look at an article of their clothes and remember so many things about the period of time when they wore it. The vehicle I use for this is an antique 2-harness Union floor loom. I don't weave in a traditional way on this loom, (I don't really know any weaving techniques), but I sculpt with it. Having a background in ceramics I can appreciate the instant color and texture that I never experienced working with glazing and firing.

My sculptures always start with a found object; there will be something inspiring about its shape or form. This object can be anything, a deep metal bowl, a treelike piece of fence or an old bun warmer. After bring it home I start my favorite process, the contemplation. Often it is days before I can get to work on my new piece, till then I rotate, adorn, and expand on it in my mind and on paper. As I start the sculpture my ideas become more focused and I now remove and or add appendages such as wires, tomato cages, and lampshade frames, creating my new form. The next stage is the fabric layer. I usually sew on a layer of sculpted cloth that I weave from vintage fabrics (velvet curtains, ball gowns, shirt sleeves) on my floor loom. After the fabric layers are on I add embellishments like old buttons, bolts, trims, pom-poms, jewelry, shoulder pads, and yarns. I then step back and observe my sculpture in various settings, after this we return to the studio for all the final touches.


2012 “Female Urns of Distinction” Heritage Center Poughkeepsie,N.Y. curated by Bibiana Hueng Mathieus
2012 “Journey of Peace” O’silas Gallery Concordia College Bronxville N.Y. curated by Elena Patterson
2012”Journey of Faith” O’silas Gallery Concordia College Bronxville N.Y. curated by Elena Patterson
2012 Adkins museum Pawling, N.Y. Bibiana Mathieus curator 2012 “Dear Mother Nature” Samuel Dorsky museum, New Paltz, N.Y. Linda Weintraub curator
2012 “International Women’s Month Show” The Heritage Center Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
2012 “Fashion Week” Lincoln Center, N.Y. guerilla art presentation
2011”Meeting Past” Adkins museum Pawling, N.Y. Bibiana Mathieus curator
2011”Anime Hot House” installation @Elm court, Vanderbilt mansion, Lenox Mass.
Art gala for IS 183 School in the Berkshires
2011 “Fiber in the 21 Century”, Lehman college art gallery, curate by Dr. Sandra Sider
2010-2011 Open Windows residency, Pittsfield Ma, curate by Julia Dixon
2010“The INS and the OUTS” Rockland Center for the Arts, N.Y. curate by Amy Lipton
2009. Celebration of the Arts, New Paltz, N.Y
2009. Collaborative Concepts Garrison, N.Y.
2009. “Tributaries,” Maxwell Gallery, Peekskill N.Y
2009. “For the Love of Art,” The Hat Factory, Hudson Valley Contemporary Art Museum, Peekskill N.Y.
2009. “Hanging by a Thread,” Art’s Westchester, White Plains N.Y..
2009. “Spring Arts Show,” Pomona cultural Center, Pomona, N.Y.
2009. “Contemporary Confrontations,”  Katonah  Museum of Art  Katonah N.Y. Nan  Rosenthal,juror
2008. "Beyond Basketry ,"  Dairy Barn, Athens Ohio.
2007. Group show, G..A.S. Gallery, Poughkeepsie N.Y.
2007. Jumbo show, Poughkeepsie N.Y.
2007. "Sum of the Parts," Surface Design Association, Kansas City, MO.
2007. International, The Visual Art Center, NJ.
2006. "Arts in the Park," Hudson, NY.
2006. "Anxious Objects,” Samuel Dorsky Museum, New Paltz, NY.
2005-2006. Sapphire Gallery, Rosendale, NY.
2005-2006.. "Nuts and Bolts" art shows, Kingston, NY.
2005. Howland Art Center, Beacon NY.
2003. Off the Wall Gallery, Kingston, NY.
2002-2005. Springtown Rd., Open Studios, New Paltz. NY.
2002. "Fibers in February,”  Dearborn Rieder Gallery, Boulder, CO.
2001. "Outsider Art,” Eliza Pritzer Gallery, New Paltz, NY.

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